Namita's photography is nothing short of poetry. Lively, colorful, refined, and joyful poetry. She captures every nuance and emotion in a scenery, portrait or relationship. I have been stunned by her work since I first laid eyes on it.


- Emma 

"For Namita, her camera is her sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity. Namita is not only a versatile photographer but a creative one. She has an innate vision for beautiful captures. The view from behind her camera is always a breath taking one.  Ankit and I put faith into her to click us for our pre-wedding photo-shoot. Our pictures from that shoot were so gorgeous that we couldn't resist but bring her with us 7 seas far to capture our wedding in India. She made our wedding memories priceless through her pictures. We are certain that even 5-10-15-20-25 years down the line when we go through our wedding pictures....we are going to gasp...GORGEOUS!!! One unique quality that sets Namita apart from all other photographers is that she goes that extra mile to get to know her audience before she shoots them so that she can capture the various hues of their personality.  The bond we have built with her is a permanent one. We are certain that our journey of picture memoirs will continue with her behind the camera."

I've known Namita for over a decade and always knew she had an artistic eye. From dorm room decor to her unique fashion sense, Namita always added her own creative twist. Little did I know that this same creativity would develop into a photography hobby and eventually a professional endeavor.  But frankly speaking, I'm not surprised; her easy going persona and professionalism have truly made her a highly sought after photographer.
 We were so blessed to have Namita capture some of the most beautiful moments of our lives on camera with an outdoor maternity shoot and our daughters first baby shoot at 6 months.  We only hope that others are just as blessed!

- Ayesha & Asghar

Namita's photography captures a memory in every photo. The angles, edits, and professionalism of her shots simply amazed my family and I. The significance of my special night and the love of my friends and family were so beautifully expressed in each photo. I highly recommend Namita for any event and I cannot wait to capture more memories with her! 

- Vinita

- Puja & Ankit 

Namita Azad has unbelievable talent-- there is no better way to describe her ability to not only capture but create scenes that make you and your loved ones feel beautiful. She did a maternity photoshoot with me, my husband and my puppy and gifted us with pictures that I will cherish for a lifetime. She has a vision that you can see her execute while she works and the outcome is truly splendid. I was amazed to see her lying on the floor in the park just so that she could capture an angle she had envisioned. I highly recommend Namita Azad as a photographer and know that she and her camera will be a part of every special moment in my life.



- Tanya & Akshay