Discovering Morocco  

Morocco has always been on my bucketlist and over the last few years, it slowly made it's way up to the top of my photography bucklist too.  In my continous research on scenic vistas and landscapes, I would often come across the description that 'Morocco is a refuge for addicts of saturated color, a haven for devotees of intricate pattern, and a destination for admirers of striking architecture.'  These are enough words for photographer's hands to itch and board the next flight over.  And that is exactly what we did during the December holidays of 2014.  


We landed in the capital, Casablanca and would spend the night there before making our way to Marrakesh.  Being of the largest ports of Norther Africa, Casablanca is one those cities that is perfectly placed at the cross roads of metropolitan and ancient.  It is heavily tied to its roots in it's architecture, markets, souks, food and people.  What takes you by surprise are the hotels, high rises, a strip of clubs and lounges.  I often found myself a little lost in this city and trying to place my finger on what is the true pulse and not to forget, my exceeding expectations of rich culture and vibe.  Having said that, Casablanca is home to the third largest mosque in the world, Hassan II Mosque.  We didn't get a chance to step in and see it from inside because of a religious celebration.  Non the less, the intircate details of it's artchitecture were mesmerizing enough. 


Our next stop, and the one I was most excited about, was a exquisite city of Marrakesh!  The call for prayer was being made as we were stepping out of the airport and this was just the beginning of the cultural experience we were about to entail. As opposed to staying in a hotel, my group of friends and I had rented a Riad, local home, to stay in during our time in Marrakesh.   Little did we know that our Riad was going to make us neighbors with the King's Palace and have us down the street from the main market square!