Capturing Positano

Positano is for the light hearted and the dreamers.  It is the place to lose your heart in its cobblestone and mind to its colors.  Every turn gives you a new frame to admire and a scent to connect with.  We spent four wonderfully long days in this slice of paradise and yet, left craving for more.  So now, sitting many miles away, these pictures are one way ticket back in time. 

One of the best ways to discover this little village is simply by walking through its winding roads and narrow allies.  Don’t cab it, don’t jump on the bus.  Just walk, up and down or wherever you find a set of stairs.  You will stumble upon the most quaint vista points that are a photographer’s delight.

As you peruse through its streets, don’t forget to stop and grab a delicious bite or break for a refreshing glass of local vino.  Each restaurant offers perfectly baked pizzas and garnished pastas.  The seafood is so fresh you can still smell the ocean in it.  Top of our list was Ristorante Next2 and Ristorante Max.  But really any meal you have here is never disappointing!

As you make your way down, you can never imagine what you will see when you turn back up.  It’s breathtaking.  But walk a little further out.  Take your toes on a ride through the soft gray sand of the Marina Grande Beach.  And then turn around – it’s a sight worth waiting for.

As picturesque as it is during the day, experiencing Positano at twilight, is magical.  And one of the best places to capture this from is Le Sirenuse.  You could be sitting at its Champagne Bar or enjoying a meal at La Sponda, every corner of this hotel gives you a frame worth remembering. 

Going to a place like Positano once in a lifetime is never enough.  Capturing it and etching it in your memory is the best way to relive the feeling.  So be sure to carry your camera with you for the ride because you will most certainly come back with beautiful stack of postcards!